Work + Play: Seven Sisters

22 Oct 2021
5 months

Seven Sisters Road

The EEDN team were dedicated, diligent professional and highly supportive through our project for coworking and events space. I highly commend the whole team for their ability to manage strategically and tactically simultaneously, from contract negotiation and macro-financial modelling to value engineering at the nuts-and-bolts level. They have a strong and multidisciplinary approach which weaves seamlessly across these two levels of abstraction - we would relish the opportunity to do business with EEDN again.
Freddie Scobey // Work+Play
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The Work + Play Seven Sisters project is the first of its kind, offering dynamic, multi-functional spaces for people to work, hang out and participate in physical activities such as yoga.

Client: Work+Play
Project Management & Contract Administration: EEDN
Architect: Austen Knox
Contractor: Office Principles
Cost Management: EEDN
Principal Designer: EEDN

The project located in the heart of Islington on a busy red route comprised of a Cat A and B fit out of 3 commercial units on the GF of a residential block. An interconnected space consisting of offices and meeting rooms, flexible working area, a kitchenette and studio was envisioned by the client. 

Steered by the client's brand, vision and business plan a collaborative approach was taken to deliver a fast-track programme in line with the client’s business strategy and targeted timelines.

Our involvement

We were appointed to manage all aspects of the project from pre-construction, through to Practical Completion.

EEDN Team involved:
Tes Adamou

Project challenges

  • Funding coupled with timeline constraints to deliver the project within the required time frame
  • Access and logistical constraints of working within a populated building.
  • Installation of rooftop mechanical units given limited options due to the location.

Our value added

  • Utilising our extensive network to overcome supply chain issues which allowed the programme duration to be significantly reduced.
  • Consistent and efficient stakeholder management.
  • Conflict resolution
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