A management-centric construction consultancy with focus on Client Representation, Design, Project and Programme Management.

Our promise /

With strong SciTech and manufacturing background, we tailor the teams and solutions we develop according to our Client needs. We also have strong connections with a pool of non-construction specialists (such as Logistic specialists, Manufacturing Engineers and Economists) that allow us to further enhance the offer to our Clients.
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Our team has been set up with a diverse range of experience and qualifications throughout the property and construction industry. We are uniquely placed to understand your needs and provide a personal and flexible service led by industry experts.
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Our sectors /

From Science, Technology + Manufacturing to Commercial and Residential sectors, we operate with the exact same ethos of deep understanding and claring for our Client's needs.
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What sets us apart /

Our culture and ethos


Pre-Stage 0 (pre-feasibility review)

EEDN tailors expert teams to support organisations in assessing their drivers. We believe the conversation should be as pluralistic as possible and should represent a convergence of disciplines that will supplement the core organisational expertise. Subject to the organisational aspiration we can bring in veterinarians, physicians, clinical nurses, process-engineers, organisational psychologists as well as construction specialists such as architects, engineers, encomiasts etc. to ensure that any project is set up for success.


Service Delivery & Hollistic responsibility

We don't shy away from any project challenge - in fact, we take great pride in deep understanding of our clients and the journey they embark on. Our experience with the SciTech sphere ranges from start-up, scale ups to mature companies, each with their own individual challenges and requirements out of the project brief - we can only do that by having in-house expertise of design, P3M (project, programme and portfolio) and commercial understanding.


Enabling Environments

We strive to find a better way for our clients and teams, and provide bespoke solutions to whatever they need. With a passionate team, experienced across the industry sectors, we build trust and take ownership to create those environments that will provide our clients' benefits.


Delivering Nature

Our sustainability-first approach follows the complex simplicity model - leveraging off the knowledge and best practice, to simplify complex issues, mitigate risks and test and fix strategy. We care about the environment and the people in it and want our projects and our approach to reflect that. Sustainability, including zero net carbon, does not need to be more expensive.

Our focus /

We constantly strive to lead the industry in the right direction of sustainable and economically-viable development based on the four capitals approach
  • Humanistic

    We truly believe that people should be treated with respect and should be at the core of decisions. As a company, we place our people in the centre, ensuring that they bring 100% of themselves to work, they are happy and supported throughout their career. In our projects, we place the needs of people first, understanding the science and what makes them tick.
  • Triple bottom line driven

    Projects, solutions and approaches that leave a positive contribution to the environment and society. We actively empower our people to reach that potential and have an active Corporate Social Responsibility by volunteering our time and expertise to better the world we live in.

    Check our Accreditations page for more information
  • Continual improvement + innovation

    The times we operate in require us to keep up to date with the latest technology and innovation in our Clients' operations, as well as construction in general. We strive to be better each time and our ethos dictates that we will continuously change for the better, challenging our own norms and preconceptions and coming up with better ways.
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