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We undertake the administration of construction contracts including JCT and NEC.

Our service /

We plan, negotiate, engross, execute and manage construction contracts.
The Contract Administrator's role (CA) is a broad one but in essence it acts as the single point of managing the contract between the Employer and the Contractor.

Delivering an expert and comprehensive contract management solution to any sector, from Science to Residential.

The role of Contract Administrator ensures the smooth operation and delivery of the projects. Whilst typically the role is only applicable from when work commences to full completion, we can provide services well-ahead of that to ensure that the construction delivery is planned properly and managed accordingly.

Traditionally the Contract Administration role fell to the Architect but now, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Engineers tend to also fulfil the role. As a team, we come from a diverse background, having worked for some of the world's biggest and most innovative contractors and consultancies on some major and complex projects. It is exactly this diversity that allows us to offer a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs. 

Whilst your requirements may be on the consultancy side, we understand development - in fact we carry it out ourselves. 

Contract planning

Requires a thorough understaning of the puerpose of the contract and what would be considered the optimal scenario fo all parties. Combining Project Management knowledge of the brief, we set up the scope, schedules and performance measurements across the contract. The process requires a number of techniwus:
  • Risk identification
  • Scope review
  • Construction law knowledge
  • Clarity of outcome
  • Addendums and modifications processes

Contract negotiation and engrossments

Following on from the understanding of the parties'r equirements and putting the contract together, we liaise with the legal teams or other parties to write a contract that outlines the agreement between all the parties. We have access to contract management software, enabling us to accurately deliver drafts and track signatures.

Download EEDN Contract Administration Capability Statement

Contract execution

Following on from the engrossment of contracts, the CA (or 'Employer's Agent' for Design and Buid Contracts) will ensure that the contract is administered properly through evaluation of performance from both parties.

Contract Administration +

We can supplement our Contract Administration services with a more thorough and in-depth review of the perfomrance of the contract against the objectives, including detailed reports of the status-quo and projections.

Trend monitoring
Trend monitoring (sometimes called Planned Progress Monitoring) uses the contractor’s own progress data for construction activities, which we use over the space of a small number of reports and data sets to build a picture of the contractor’s rate of progress. The methodology allows us to accurately spot trends of under-performance against the plan. We use this data-driven approach to provide assurance of delivery and give our clients substantiated information to implement timely interventions on projects - at a time that doing so can still positively affect outcomes. 

Proactive risk management
We regularly run risk reviews at key project stages to help establish a risk-conscious behaviour from the outset of the project, infiltrating all areas of the project and engaging all stakeholders. Active mitigation of risks is not only good practice but also enables proactive engagement helping turn certain risks into opportunities and promotes a culture of sharing and collaboration of the team, whilst avoiding cumbersome risk workshops which are often perceived as a silo activity. 

kaizen: continuous improvement
We love employing kaizen on our projects and to do so, our first step is producing the ‘100-day plan’ and then auditing its success with the whole team. Through consultation with the team, we will put together a 100 day plan that does not only include the tasks at hand (those are also taken care by the programme schedule) but also some Key Performance Indicators for lass tangible achievements, such as team cohesion, knowledge transfer and engagement.

At the end of the 100 days, we will then facilitate a workshop with the team to identify what is going wrong and what requires improvement. The data from this will feed, not only the remainder of the project, but also the approach into the whole programme of works. Through these regular touch points, the process of engagement will be refined allowing for a more efficient, enjoyable experience for the team. 
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What our clients say /

EEDN has been a great team. They undertook a high level schematic and massing study to test our site capacity to support The London Cancer Hub, the Council's most strategically important scheme - a State of the Art Life Science Campus for the London Borough Of Sutton. The EEDN master planning team came to grips with the complexities of the site and understood the value of the key partners as stakeholders in delivering the LCH. Their expertise and detailed knowledge of the life science space combined  with a highly professional responsive approach produced a great result. 

Amanda Cherrington // Head of Economic Renewal and Regeneration, London Borough of Sutton

I had known Tes through my network and finally had the opportunity to collaborate with him and EEDN during delivery of an our cGMP advanced therapeutic facility. Tes undertook delivery of our QC laboratory from scoping to handover. Tes’s collaborative style, wealth relevant knowledge, flexibility and resourcefulness, approachable demeanour and ability to form and manage the project team enabled time and in full delivery of the project.

Hadi Mizraei // Senior Director, Autolus

Tes worked with me and our team at Autolus as the Owner's Project Manager. He was able to quickly jump in and understand the inter-workings of the team, and what was of critical importance for the success of the project. He has great organization and leadership skills, and keeps the team on track!

Miranda Neville // SVP Project Management, Autolus Therapeutics

Exceptional personal service – the ‘trusted advisor’ I would always want on the team. I would have no hesitation recommending EEDN who have supported the work and organisation fully during my tenure here. Their genuine enthusiasm and understanding of client needs has made them a pleasure to work with.

Rory Smyth // Head of Construction, One YMCA

The EEDN team were dedicated, diligent professional and highly supportive through our project for coworking and events space. I highly commend the whole team for their ability to manage strategically and tactically simultaneously, from contract negotiation and macro-financial modelling to value engineering at the nuts-and-bolts level. They have a strong and multidisciplinary approach which weaves seamlessly across these two levels of abstraction - we would relish the opportunity to do business with EEDN again. 

Freddie Scobey // Work+Play

Elad's input into the Design Team was paramount in establishing the correct parameters for the execution of our complex cGMP building. His knowledge about the science behind the product was key to unlocking its potential.

Miranda Neville // SVP Project Management, Autolus Therapeutics

Tes is always keen and enthusiastic. In a performance-driven approach, he shows a dedication to the task, second to none.

Keith Miller // Interim Deputy Director of Estates, University of Essex

Tes’ input into the Project Team promoted collaboration and effective working throughout the various stages. Under his guidance the project flourished through some very challenging technical issues and would be very happy having him leading my projects again.

Valerie Cooper // Capital Projects Team Leader, UCL

Tes brings experience and enthusiasm to project delivery, with a calm and measured approach. He is able to quickly galvanise the project team and provide direction and focus on project critical matters.

Neil Stevens // Associate, Core Five

With excellent awareness of the market and the process involved, EEDN showed proactivity, professionalism and enthusiasm founded on the strength of interdisciplinary working and we would have no reservations in recommending them to any organisation who would greatly benefit from their approach as we did.

Mike Parrett FRICS // Chair of UKGA Building Committee, True Jesus Church

I love it! Its personality is so accommodating and serene and yet dynamic and unique at the same time Every single group I have seen here has taken and given something to this beautiful space. It is transformed by every event’s own “personality” – you have created a magical palette. You should be very proud!

Margaret Manning // The Crystal

Paul has a unique and broad range of skills that make him an asset to any client and is well respected in the industry by his peers.

Ashley Crawford // Commercial Director, Systech International

With the challenges of building highly technical studios in speculative office space together with a move to agile working in the office areas, you have created a highly creative and dynamic environment which allows seamless integration of the programme making process.

IMG media // Stockley Park

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