Client Representative

Placed in a unique position to manage the project on behalf of the Client, the Client’s Representative behaves in lieu of the Client, as if part of your organisation.

Our service /

Founded by industry-leading Directors, we provide a personalised delivery aligned with our Clients' strategic aims.
Construction is notoriously challenging, particularly for Clients without prior construction experience. As Client Representatives, our role is to ensure we remain focussed on the corporate strategy and KPIs and lead the Project Team by protecting the Client's interests with a deep understanding of the industry.

Why should you consider appointing a Client Representative?

Appointing a Client Representative (sometimes called Employer's Representative) early into the process can have a multitude of benefits:
  • Easy translation of corporate strategy into programme benefits and project targets
  • Efficiency in management of multitude of projects for the correct allocation of funding and effort
  • Oversight of Value Engineering process from an unbiased construction professional with Client's interest in mind
  • Network of independent consultants available

In SciTech + Manufacturing

As Client Representatives in Science, Technology and Manufacturing, we work with our Client Teams to understand the corporate KPIs and strategy to help define the delivery of the programme or project.

Our extensive networks of non-construction specialists can also be employed to provide specialised consultancy to aid Client decision-making, such as:
  • URS definition
  • Equipment schedules
  • Engineering and process
  • Commissioning, Qualifications and Validation strategy
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Raw materials and supplies
  • QC Operations and QA compliance

Read more about our SciTech + Manufacturing offer here.

In Commercial + Offices

As Client Representatives in Commercial + Offices, our key day 1 focus is to get a good understanding of the Business Case that underpins the development.

Whether the space seeks to increase capacity, enhance provisions or set up a new alternative approach to Commercial construction, we are there to ensure that as a Client you get best value that aligns with the corporate strategy and timelines.

In Residential

Identifying and prioritising the pipeline of projects can be daunting, whilst the translation of Residential Development KPIs to Construction is not necessarily straight forward (think of how to translate a Planning BREEAM requirement and corporate strategy of carbon reduction into a Project KPI).

At EEDN, our experience in development and consultancy of Residential projects puts us in a unique position to assist as Client Representatives for your Residential project.

EEDN as Client Representatives

We understand that Project and Programme changes introduce uncertainty, especially if the vision is not clear at the start and not communicated properly. In our role as Client Representative we engage the following principles that underline our approach:

  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Leading change
  • Envisioning and communicating the future
  • Focussing on the benefits and threats to them
  • Adding value
  • Designing and delivering the capability
  • Learning from experience
Townhouse aerial 2 arboles

What our clients say /

EEDN has been a great team. They undertook a high level schematic and massing study to test our site capacity to support The London Cancer Hub, the Council's most strategically important scheme - a State of the Art Life Science Campus for the London Borough Of Sutton. The EEDN master planning team came to grips with the complexities of the site and understood the value of the key partners as stakeholders in delivering the LCH. Their expertise and detailed knowledge of the life science space combined  with a highly professional responsive approach produced a great result. 

Amanda Cherrington // Head of Economic Renewal and Regeneration, London Borough of Sutton

I had known Tes through my network and finally had the opportunity to collaborate with him and EEDN during delivery of an our cGMP advanced therapeutic facility. Tes undertook delivery of our QC laboratory from scoping to handover. Tes’s collaborative style, wealth relevant knowledge, flexibility and resourcefulness, approachable demeanour and ability to form and manage the project team enabled time and in full delivery of the project.

Hadi Mizraei // Senior Director, Autolus

Tes worked with me and our team at Autolus as the Owner's Project Manager. He was able to quickly jump in and understand the inter-workings of the team, and what was of critical importance for the success of the project. He has great organization and leadership skills, and keeps the team on track!

Miranda Neville // SVP Project Management, Autolus Therapeutics

Exceptional personal service – the ‘trusted advisor’ I would always want on the team. I would have no hesitation recommending EEDN who have supported the work and organisation fully during my tenure here. Their genuine enthusiasm and understanding of client needs has made them a pleasure to work with.

Rory Smyth // Head of Construction, One YMCA

The EEDN team were dedicated, diligent professional and highly supportive through our project for coworking and events space. I highly commend the whole team for their ability to manage strategically and tactically simultaneously, from contract negotiation and macro-financial modelling to value engineering at the nuts-and-bolts level. They have a strong and multidisciplinary approach which weaves seamlessly across these two levels of abstraction - we would relish the opportunity to do business with EEDN again. 

Freddie Scobey // Work+Play

Elad's input into the Design Team was paramount in establishing the correct parameters for the execution of our complex cGMP building. His knowledge about the science behind the product was key to unlocking its potential.

Miranda Neville // SVP Project Management, Autolus Therapeutics

Tes is always keen and enthusiastic. In a performance-driven approach, he shows a dedication to the task, second to none.

Keith Miller // Interim Deputy Director of Estates, University of Essex

Tes’ input into the Project Team promoted collaboration and effective working throughout the various stages. Under his guidance the project flourished through some very challenging technical issues and would be very happy having him leading my projects again.

Valerie Cooper // Capital Projects Team Leader, UCL

Tes brings experience and enthusiasm to project delivery, with a calm and measured approach. He is able to quickly galvanise the project team and provide direction and focus on project critical matters.

Neil Stevens // Associate, Core Five

With excellent awareness of the market and the process involved, EEDN showed proactivity, professionalism and enthusiasm founded on the strength of interdisciplinary working and we would have no reservations in recommending them to any organisation who would greatly benefit from their approach as we did.

Mike Parrett FRICS // Chair of UKGA Building Committee, True Jesus Church

I love it! Its personality is so accommodating and serene and yet dynamic and unique at the same time Every single group I have seen here has taken and given something to this beautiful space. It is transformed by every event’s own “personality” – you have created a magical palette. You should be very proud!

Margaret Manning // The Crystal

Paul has a unique and broad range of skills that make him an asset to any client and is well respected in the industry by his peers.

Ashley Crawford // Commercial Director, Systech International

With the challenges of building highly technical studios in speculative office space together with a move to agile working in the office areas, you have created a highly creative and dynamic environment which allows seamless integration of the programme making process.

IMG media // Stockley Park

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