Hengestes Hill Residential Development

14 May 2024
1 year

Hinchley Wood, Esher

EEDN managed a pre-planning application for a £30 million residential new build in Hinchley Wood, Esher. We conducted site appraisals, engaged stakeholders, ensured regulatory compliance, and prepared documentation to streamline the process.
EEDN were commissioned by a private property developer to compile and submit a pre-planning application for a plot of land in Hinchley Wood, Esher – a potential £30million residential new build in the heart of the town. Our pre-planning application services encompassed a thorough site appraisal and feasibility study, conceptual design and master planning, stakeholder consultations, and technical assessments for regulatory compliance.

 We also conducted financial viability assessments, arranged pre-application meetings with the local authority, and meticulously prepared all required documentation. Our goal was to proactively address challenges, engage stakeholders effectively, and ensure alignment with planning regulations, ultimately streamlining the development process and maximizing the success of your planning application.
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